Quilt Festival Final Reminder

Hi Everyone
This is a just a reminder to get those quilts and challenges in to us, we don’t have to have the quilts or cushions until Friday 10th or Saturday 11th February, but we do need the registration forms before Tuesday 7th February so that we can put all the details into the catalogue, remember the forms can either be downloaded via http://www.sawmillersquiltery.co.nz or also via https://stonestead.wordpress.com or failing that contact me and I can send the forms to you by return email, all you have to do then is scan the form and email it back to me, it might be a good idea to car pool the quilts with just one person delivering the lot and then someone else can collect providing you have the correct paperwork
This year is an important year for Te Omanga lets help them raise the much needed funds to re-build
Any queries just email enquiries@sawmillersquiltery.co.nz or phone 04 5262517

PS: We have ordered a fantastically beautiful day with a cloudless sky, no wind and nice and warm but not too hot!!!!


2017 Annual Stonestead Outdoor Quilt Festival

To register your Quilts and or Challenge please download the form featured at side of page

More Quilts


# 47 Victoria Dadd


#16 Helen Malanchak


#33 Lisa Avery


#18 Anne Read


#21 Judy Betts


#17 Anne Read


#34 Lisa Avery


#26 Debbie Fink


#24 Trish Barry


#46 #46 Renee van der Luge


#25 Heather Cooling


#44 Wanda Borowicz


#40 Linda Smith

2016 Quilt Festival


1st Place Challenge Christine Singleton


2nd Place Challenge Christine Freeman


3rd Place Challenge Denise Perks



1st Alison McKenzie


2nd Angela Archibold


3rd Allan Armstrong


IMG_0808 (1)

1st Lynn & Ingrid Jarvis


2nd Victoria Dadd


3rd Christine Singleton



1st Judy Betts


2nd Jocelyn Thornton


3rd Sue Bracken

8th Annual Stonestead Outdoor Quilt Festival

Hi Everyone
What a wonderful day it was on Sunday at the Stonestead Outdoor Quilt Festival, the atmosphere was buzzing and everyone looked so happy, thank from all the volunteers to those that came on the day

Here is a breakdown of the costings

We took $460.00  for the quilt registrations & then we deducted the following

Catalogue Printing                                                                           $215.63
Printer Ink & Card for Certificates & In Store Registration Forms          $106.98
Posters & Flyers
Paper for above                                                                               $15.50
Flowers, Card, Food for Volunteers & Judge                                        $66.08
Bottled Water for Volunteers                                                              $20.00
Rosettes                                                                                          $87.22

Total                                                                                               $511.41

Shortfall of $51.41  
Donated by Kevin Bold to cover above                 Balance                  $00.00

Gate Donation to Te Omanga   $830.00

This year was the most successful year for Challenge Entries & the comment from our Judge was it was a fabulous day, all the photographs will be published over the next few weeks, starting with the place getters first

Plans for next year will be underway in a few months time, so get stitching, 2017 will be a busy year for those who also enter the Symposium, so now is the time to look into what you would like to register for next years festival, but above all remember all proceeds go to Te Omanga

Happy Quilting

Oh, yes, Kevin aka The Boss, has recovered from his mishap & the stitches are being removed next week!

Tomorrows the day!!

Come & see the quilts on display in the paddock, see the doves, chooks & bees all working, we have also had a delivery of one beautiful brown chick, courtesy of “Wilfull1”, get bargains at Sawmillers,  & a Devonshire Tea with homemade scones & jam tomorrow Sunday 14th February



Quilt Festival Update

Hi Everyone,
Well, we only have 9 sleeps to go before the quilt festival, so now is the time to get the registrations in so Wanda can get the catalogue done & off to the printers, we have had a much better response to the challenge this year, but the we need more quilts to make this a success, don’t forget that whatever you decide to register will be inspiration to new & experienced quilters & don’t forget to invite your families & friends to come & see your work, you don’t have to bring the quilts up until Saturday 13th & registration by Wednesday 10th

Everything we take on the gate from the Gold Coin donation goes directly to Te Omanga Hospice, Brian Wood from the Hospice has been today & brought the buckets & stickers & this year we also have banners, also in attendance will be Glenn & Lynette from Wellington Sewing Services they always bring out their machines & are more than happy to discuss your needs, we shall also have Trish Barry our local longarm quilter & she is more than happy to give advice & also some idea of costing for your project

So we encourage you all to get those quilts in & lets see if we can exceed what we had last year

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday

Happy Quilting

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