Quilt Festival Final Reminder

Hi Everyone
This is a just a reminder to get those quilts and challenges in to us, we don’t have to have the quilts or cushions until Friday 10th or Saturday 11th February, but we do need the registration forms before Tuesday 7th February so that we can put all the details into the catalogue, remember the forms can either be downloaded via http://www.sawmillersquiltery.co.nz or also via https://stonestead.wordpress.com or failing that contact me and I can send the forms to you by return email, all you have to do then is scan the form and email it back to me, it might be a good idea to car pool the quilts with just one person delivering the lot and then someone else can collect providing you have the correct paperwork
This year is an important year for Te Omanga lets help them raise the much needed funds to re-build
Any queries just email enquiries@sawmillersquiltery.co.nz or phone 04 5262517

PS: We have ordered a fantastically beautiful day with a cloudless sky, no wind and nice and warm but not too hot!!!!


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