8th Annual Stonestead Outdoor Quilt Festival

Hi Everyone
What a wonderful day it was on Sunday at the Stonestead Outdoor Quilt Festival, the atmosphere was buzzing and everyone looked so happy, thank from all the volunteers to those that came on the day

Here is a breakdown of the costings

We took $460.00  for the quilt registrations & then we deducted the following

Catalogue Printing                                                                           $215.63
Printer Ink & Card for Certificates & In Store Registration Forms          $106.98
Posters & Flyers
Paper for above                                                                               $15.50
Flowers, Card, Food for Volunteers & Judge                                        $66.08
Bottled Water for Volunteers                                                              $20.00
Rosettes                                                                                          $87.22

Total                                                                                               $511.41

Shortfall of $51.41  
Donated by Kevin Bold to cover above                 Balance                  $00.00

Gate Donation to Te Omanga   $830.00

This year was the most successful year for Challenge Entries & the comment from our Judge was it was a fabulous day, all the photographs will be published over the next few weeks, starting with the place getters first

Plans for next year will be underway in a few months time, so get stitching, 2017 will be a busy year for those who also enter the Symposium, so now is the time to look into what you would like to register for next years festival, but above all remember all proceeds go to Te Omanga

Happy Quilting

Oh, yes, Kevin aka The Boss, has recovered from his mishap & the stitches are being removed next week!


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