Quilt Festival Results and Pictures

Hi Everyone,

Apologies for taking so long to get these pictures available for you to see, unfortunately technology doesn’t always work in our favour and the computer has been a little ‘sick’ but with some TLC is fine now, I hope!

Firstly the results

1st Beginners Category

# 10 Alaska Wilderness by Gillian Cruickshank



IMG_9523# 12 Chain Links by Bev Fraser


#16  Brown & Tan by Annette Benge    Picture Unavailable

Certificate of Merit

#14 3D Blocks by Annette Benge


1st Viewers Choice

IMG_9488#38 Sue Bee’s Flower Garden by Sue  Burnett



#61 Hexagons for Sue & Kevin by Sue Bracken


IMG_9496# 18  Midnight Flowers- Not Your Usual Amish Garden by Jocelyn Thornton

Stonestead Challenge


1st C  Judy Betts

2nd A  Annie Curran

3rd D  Lisa Page

Youth Certificate ( Under 18 years )

Highly Commended

IMG_9554# 44 Taylors Squares by Taylor Mills 9 3/4 years

IMG_9555# 45 Just Like Mum by Samantha Ewers 10 years

More pictures of quilts on display.

IMG_9487#31 Citrus Parfait by Pam McMillan & Catherine Doughty

IMG_9489#11 Memories by Judy Betts

IMG_9490#15 Catalicious by Annette Benge

IMG_9491# 53 American Surprise by Bridget Swift & Beverley Dixon

IMG_9492# 37 Tawny Scrawny Lion by Cheryl Willcox

IMG_9493#9 Aotearoa by Pauline Cooney

IMG_9494# 50 Sylvia Bridal Sampler by Jenny Hall

IMG_9497#48 Summer Feeling by Jeanette Orr

IMG_9498#35 not A Traditional Double Wedding Ring by Yvonne Matthews


#25 Elephants on Parade by Nancy Goggin

IMG_9502#55 Butterfly Kisses by Helen Boynton

IMG_9504#41 Turkish Delight Sisters are Flowers from the Same Garden by Sonya Randell & Sheren Gallon

IMG_9505#40 Tu Meke by Sonya Randell

IMG_9507#21 Scraps Galore by Sylvia Lambert

IMG_9508#46 Yin & Yang by Sue Burridge

IMG_9509#2 Fiddly Blues by Judith Bell

IMG_9510#33 Friendship Abides by Catherine Doughty

IMG_9511#30 Quilted Scraps by Sue Muir

IMG_9512#27 Shibori Kimono by Shirley Mooney

IMG_9513#32 Thank You For Holding My Hand by Donna Chambers

IMG_9514#52 Exercise in Patience by Karen Carter

IMG_9515#28 Anything Goes by Trish Barry

IMG_9516#17 Putting Aotearoa on the Map by Maureen Adams

IMG_9517#26 Thoughts of Marriage by Kevin Brophy

IMG_9518#49 Could Have Been Dear Jane by Jenny Hall

IMG_9519#5 Blue Heaven by Ineke Kruger

IMG_9521#42 Shipshewana Blues by Myrie Randell

IMG_9522#43 Mr Fish aka Bloody Mr Fish by Lisa Page

IMG_9524#56  French Pot Pourri by Helen Boynton

IMG_9525#13 Bright by Thelma Mallott

IMG_9526#8 Winding Ways Ran Rough by Anne Cordy

IMG_9527#58  Lillies in Retreat by Jill Nickells

IMG_9528#57  Hollyhock Haven by Jill Nickells

IMG_9529#1 Stairways to Heaven by Judith Bell

IMG_9530#64 Christmas Wallhanging by Cheryl Willcox

IMG_9531#7 Brown Jelly Boxes by Sandra Tilson

IMG_9534#36 Quilting Friendship by Janet Evans

IMG_9535#29 Dive In by Trish Barry

IMG_9536#4 Merrily Round The Garden Path by Joyce Humphrey

IMG_9538#6 Fire & Ice by Ineke Kruger

IMG_9539#22 Circles of Love by Sue BrackenIMG_9541#3 Emanon by Joyce Humphrey

IMG_9547 IMG_9548#20 Yeah Baby by Lee Nattrass

IMG_9549#59 Tamsin & Phils Wedding Quilt by Lesley Dalley  Williams

IMG_9550#34 Buzzy Bee by Susan Reay

IMG_9551#47 Neutral Play by Jeanette Orr

IMG_9552#36 Quilting Friendship  by Janet Evans

IMG_9553#63  Bluer Than Blue Melon Patch by Debra Churchill

IMG_9556#19 A Little Bit Blue by Lee Nattrass

IMG_9557#54 Lifestyle Block by Beverley Dixon

IMG_9558#39 Antique Bikes by Marie Keegan

IMG_9560# 60 Under The African Skies by Margie Scotney

IMG_9561#51 Nga Koru o Aotearoa by Beverley Dixon

IMG_9562#23 Crabs From Crabapple Cove by Sue Bracken

Beneath is the display by the Cre8 Group.

IMG_9569 IMG_9570 IMG_9571 IMG_9572 IMG_9573 IMG_9574 IMG_9575 IMG_9576 IMG_9577 IMG_9578 IMG_9579General pictures of the day!

IMG_9581 IMG_9582 IMG_9583IMG_9485IMG_9499IMG_9501IMG_9563

It was a great day, the weather was perfect and it was lovely to hear the sounds of appreciation when visitors saw the quilts on display, a big thank you again to all those who helped to organise this event. We raised $972.70 for Te Omanga Hospice a very worthy cause and one that we have a close connection especially of late.

Thank you to all who attended and roll next year!


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